Fragmentarium at Syntopia

Fragmentarium is an open source, cross-platform IDE developed by Mikael Hvidtfeldt Christensen for exploring pixel based graphics on the GPU. It focuses particularly on fractal exploration and because it is GPU accelerated, it performs hundreds of times faster than it’s CPU counterparts.


I worked with Fragmentarium for a short while and even contributed to it’s development through testing and bug reports leading to a padded tile feature for select, high-resolution fractals. Fragmentarium is 100% script based which doesn’t make exactly the most artist-friendly tool, but once you have a grasp of it’s functionality, you can create some very impressive imagery, quickly and efficiently.

I developed a set of 3D fractals in 2012 with this tool which can be found here.


Two years later, I produced another piece, this time animated, using Fragmentarium. This is called Menger.


If you haven’t yet played with Fragmentarium, I suggest you give it a try.