Released April 21, 2015
Version 2.0

This Photoshop plugin will generate halftone patterns from an image.

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Halftone is a plugin for Adobe Photoshop that simulates halftone imagery through the use of dots. Halftone is a filter that can be applied to images or can be used to generate masks with.


This version of Halftone is a greatly improved and simplified version from the previous ones. It has had most previous features stripped out and only the most important ones have been kept. It has been re-coded from scratch with a completely different algorithm that now handles antialiasing without the use of supersampling so it is dramatically faster.

Halftone converts an image to black and white, using the pixel intensity to define the dot size. halftone works on black and white images and also full color ones.


Choose between halftone printing where the pixel intensity defines dot size or dot matrix printing where all dots are equal size.


Control the print angle of all three channels together or each color channel independently like real halftone prints.


Halftone also now provides a feature where it can output a halftone pattern using a custom color for masks. The user can then use the mask for any number of applications as well.


Halftone is 100% multi-threaded capable of using an unlimited number of cores for ultimate speed.


Halftone supports both 8 bits / channel and 16 bits / channel color modes for professional workflows.


Point Size: Defines the size of the halftone dots.

Halftone (Dropdown): Specifies whether to use halftone printing or dot matrix printing. In halftone printing, the pixel intensity defines dot size while in dot matrix printing all dots are equal size.


Diamond (Dropdown): Specifies whether to use diamond or square dot distribution. Diamond will distribute dots in a diamond formation while square will distribute dots in a square formation.


Monochromatic: When disabled, the pixel color of the image is used for the dot color while, when enabled, all dots are colored according to the specified swatch color.


Monochromatic Color Swatch: Defines the dot color when in monochromatic mode. This is disabled if monochromatic is disabled.

Background Color Swatch: Defines the background color.

Lock Angles: Locks the Green and Blue channels to the red.

Red, Green, Blue Angles: Specifies the print rotation angle for the red, green and blue channels respectively.



  • v1.0 – First release.
  • v1.1 – Added Realtime display option.
  • v1.1 – Recompiled with updated compiler.
  • v1.2 – New GUI design.
  • v1.2 – Windows Vista Compatibility.
  • v1.3 – Added reset button.
  • v1.3 – Preview image now scales correctly to zoom level.
  • v1.3 – Preview no longer flickers on button / slider adjustment.
  • v1.3 – Ability to use up to 3 GB of RAM under 32bit Windows (2000, XP, Vista) and 4 GB of RAM under 64bit Windows (2000, XP, Vista).
  • v1.4 – Removed foreground and background transparency.
  • v1.4 – Added anti-aliasing.
  • v1.4 – Added convert to grayscale option.
  • v1.5 – 64 bit release.
  • v1.5 – New, faster algorithm.
  • v1.5 – Redesigned & simplified interface.
  • v1.5 – 16 bits / channel color support.
  • v1.6 – Cleaned up help information.
  • v2.0 – Added real halftone printing effect where pixel intensity defines dot size.
  • v2.0 – Added diamond and square distribution.
  • v2.0 – Added monochromatic feature and color swatch.
  • v2.0 – Added background color feature and color swatch.
  • v2.0 – Added color channel angle distribution.

Installing this software is easy and only requires three simple steps:

1 – Download the software by clicking on the Download Demo button located above on the software page. This will prompt you to save a .zip file on your computer.

2 – Extract the contents from the .zip file and place the .8bf file into your host’s plugin folder. For instance, to install for Adobe Photoshop CS6, place the .8bf file into the location shown below. You can make a sub-folder to keep your plugins organized, such as the one below. Please make sure 64 bit plugins such as these are placed in the corresponding 64 bit Adobe Photoshop plugin folder.


If you’re using Photoshop CC (eg. version 2013 – 2019 or later), your Photoshop plug-ins are stored in a folder shared between all Photoshop CC versions shown below.


3 – Launch Adobe Photoshop, open an image and click on Filter > Richard Rosenman > Filter Name. If the filter is grayed out, it may not support your current image color depth.


If you have purchased a commercial license, please review the activation section.

This software is compatible with the following OS:

  • Windows 10 Home 64 bit
  • Windows 10 Pro 64 bit
  • Windows 10 Enterprise 64 bit
  • Windows 10 Education 64 bit
  • Windows 8 64 bit
  • Windows 8 Pro 64 bit
  • Windows 8 Enterprise 64 bit
  • Windows 7 Home Basic 64 bit
  • Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
  • Windows 7 Professional 64 bit
  • Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bit
  • Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
  • Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit
  • Windows Vista Business 64 bit
  • Windows Vista Enterprise 64 bit
  • Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit
  • Windows XP 64 bit
  • Windows XP Professional 64 bit

This software is compatible with the following hosts:

  • Any host capable of running Adobe Photoshop 64 bit compliant plugins
  • Adobe Photoshop (Version CS5 or higher, including CC) 64 bit
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements (Version 13 or higher, including CC) 64 bit
  • Adobe Illustrator (Version CS6 or higher, including CC) 64 bit
  • Computerinsel Photoline 64 (Version 16 or higher) 64 bit
  • CorelDRAW (Version X6 or higher) 64 bit
  • Corel Painter (Version 12.1 or higher) 64 bit
  • Corel Paint Shop Pro (Version X6 or higher) 64 bit
  • Corel Photo-Paint (Version X6 or higher) 64 bit
  • Paint.NET (with the PSFilterPdn plugin) 64 bit
  • Serif PhotoPlus (Version X6 or higher) 64 bit