Lumiere 2.0 released

I’m pleased to announce my popular Lumiere Photoshop plugin for Adobe Photoshop has been updated to v2.0 and, more importantly, finally released as a 64 bit application.


Lumiere is an extremely powerful plugin for Adobe Photoshop that generates advanced glow effects. Lumiere can produce sophisticated specular blooms, flared highlights and diffused glows with complete control over every possible variable, all at the artist’s fingertips. Lumiere works on image luminance – just like real glows do. The brighter areas of the image are processed into beautiful glows.


Lumiere offers professional-grade masking controls for isolated glows. The artist can specify a hotspot and falloff radius as well as image coordinates for advanced masking operations. Ten different luma conversion algorithms are available based on various industry standardized color spaces. Lumiere provides two highly optimized diffusion algorithms with independent axis control and multi-pass operations.


To learn more about Lumiere, please visit Lumiere’s product page.