DOF PRO Engine

A cutting-edge DOF PRO render adding clean, crisp depth of field to the engine in this gorgeous photo. This process features some of DOF PRO’s intricate features including achromatic aberration and optical vignetting. The processing integrity is what makes this image: take note of how clean and razor sharp the depth of field effect is, […]
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DOF PRO Car Interior

A quick process with DOF PRO to add focus through the use of depth of field to the steering wheel in this gorgeous photo. This process features some of DOF PRO’s awesome features including achromatic aberration and optical vignetting.
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Element 3D to DOF PRO

A quick test using Element 3D and it’s ability to export depth maps. It was then brought into DOF PRO and processed for cutting-edge depth of field. In addition, the motion blur was created with MBL PRO, the glows were created with Lumiere, the post-processing with Image Light Leaks Vol. 1, and the lens flare […]
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DOF PRO v5.0 officially released

The latest Photoshop plugin is here!!! I’m pleased to announce the immediate availability of DOF PRO v5.0 (Depth of Field Generator PRO), the undisputed leader in photorealistic depth of field effects for Adobe Photoshop and compatible hosts. DOF PRO v5.0 has had its core functionality greatly expanded and now includes some absolutely killer technology not […]
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Ultraflares is a best seller!

It’s been over a year since the release of Ultraflares, the ultimate lens flare and light studio solution for Adobe Photoshop, and thanks to you, it continues to grow in popularity! Ultraflares has become a best seller and it’s no surprise why: it’s the definitive Photoshop plugin for those demanding the very best in photorealistic […]
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Plugins in development…

There’s been some silence on the home front but that’s due to several new plugins that are currently being updated / developed and will be made available soon. Needless to say, there is some awesome technology coming out soon that will be of great interest to artists, designers and photographers. While there is no specific […]
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Lattice v1.0 released

I’m pleased to announce the immediate release and availability of Lattice, my new particle based procedural lattice generator for Adobe Photoshop and compatible hosts! Lattice is a novel Photoshop plugin for designers, illustrators and digital artists for the creation of generative design. What are you waiting for? Go check it out now!
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Leonardo Solaas

I’ve just come across the work of Leonardo Solaas who was commissioned to produce some stunning generative art pieces for a book called Propagaciones in Chile. You can check out the entire collection on his Flickr page. Additionally, you can see some of Leonardo’s other work on his website.
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cgplugins_banner officially live!

It’s been quiet around here as of late and it’s because I’ve been working hard finishing one of my latest projects. Today, was officially launched! (Computer Graphics Plugins) is a website designed for developers to promote their computer-graphics related plugins & scripts, for free, so as to draw attention, improve product visibility and […]
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Beeple presents Zero-Day

Beeple is the work of Mike Winkelmann and undoubtedly one of the most original artists out there today. His work is cutting-edge CGI and a lot of it consists of VJ clips – which he even gives away for free! I’ve been following Mike’s VJ work for some time (I have many favorite links on […]
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Fragmentarium at Syntopia

Fragmentarium is an open source, cross-platform IDE developed by Mikael Hvidtfeldt Christensen for exploring pixel based graphics on the GPU. It focuses particularly on fractal exploration and because it is GPU accelerated, it performs hundreds of times faster than it’s CPU counterparts. I worked with Fragmentarium for a short while and even contributed to it’s […]
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Mandelbulb at Skytopia

In case you’ve been living under a very large rock for the past few years, you’ve been aware of the discovery of the plotting of the famous Mandelblot fractal in three dimensions, called the Mandelbulb, developed by Daniel White and Paul Nylander. Skytopia showcases some of these stunning 3d Mandelbulb projections and discusses the algorithmic […]
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Sub.Blue by Tom Beddard

One of my favorite CG fractal artist is Tom Beddard over at his (recently revamped) website Sub.Blue. Tom has been developing some of the coolest CG generate art experiments I’ve ever seen, all custom written with various scripts, including a powerful Mandelbulb explorer complete with ambient occlusion coded using Adobe’s now-defunct Pixel Bender. A while […]
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Complexification by Jared Tarbell

I’ve been a long-time fan of the super-talented Jared Tarbell’s Complexification site: a gorgeous display of computer algorithms developed for generative art creation. Jared has a jaw-dropping number of striking pieces all developed with, the open-source flexible software sketchbook and language for learning how to code within the context of the visual arts. Among […]
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XGen cubes rendered with Arnold

Another gorgeous fractal / generate art experiment created by Lee Griggs using XGen cubes rendered with Arnold. He uses a texture map to drive the length and color of an XGen primitive. While I haven’t personally used Arnold yet, it is claimed to be able to render millions of instances of geometry without any problems. […]
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Novastructura by Giuseppe Randazzo

A gem of a find: Novastructura is maintained by Giuseppe Randazzo, a designer from Turin (Italy). Some absolutely stunning fractal experiments created with custom written scripts / software and then 3D printed. In particular, check out the Stone Fields section.
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GPU accelerated CFD!

It’s no surprise I have an admiration for CFD solvers and the other day I came across this experiment which floored me – a fully GPU-accelerated computation fluid dynamics system working within a browser developed by George Corney. If you have a modern video card, this baby flies! You can check it out here: GPU […]
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Cosmos Laundromat – First Cycle

I just watched the first trailer for the Gooseberry Open Movie Project created with Blender and rendered with Cycles called Cosmos Laundromat. Not only are the visuals kick-ass but the story is wonderfully captivating. Congratulations to everyone who participated for doing such a great job! Read about more of the project here!
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All plugins updated

All freeware and commercial plugins have been updated to support Windows 10. Previously, there was a bug that produced a crash in some rare circumstances. If you haven’t yet explored the plugins, Check them out now!
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Ultraflares v1.0 released

I’m pleased to announce the immediate availability of Ultraflares v1.0, the ultimate lens flare and light studio plugin for Adobe Photoshop and compatible hosts! Backed by over a year and a half of research and development, Ultraflares boasts some of the most advanced and realistic lens flare features available today. Ultraflares comes packed with hundreds […]
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MBL PRO v1.2 released

I’m pleased to announce my popular MBL PRO plugin for Adobe Photoshop or compatible hosts has been finally released as a 64 bit application. MBL PRO (Motion Blur Lab PRO) is an Adobe Photoshop (or compatible host) plugin capable of producing high-quality, multi-directional and variable-strength motion blur effects quickly and efficiently using motion vectors. MBL […]
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Lumiere 2.0 released

I’m pleased to announce my popular Lumiere Photoshop plugin for Adobe Photoshop has been updated to v2.0 and, more importantly, finally released as a 64 bit application. Lumiere is an extremely powerful plugin for Adobe Photoshop that generates advanced glow effects. Lumiere can produce sophisticated specular blooms, flared highlights and diffused glows with complete control […]
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3D Sphere PRO released

I’m happy to announce my 3D Sphere PRO plugin for Adobe Photoshop has been updated to v2.0 and, more importantly, finally released as a 64 bit application. 3D Sphere PRO is a versatile Photoshop plugin that generates 3D spheres. 3D Sphere PRO boasts a feature-rich tool set including texture mapping, procedural mapping, light position & […]
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Lens Corrector PRO v1.5 released

I’m happy to announce my very popular Lens Corrector PRO plugin for Adobe Photoshop has been updated to v1.5 and, more importantly, finally released as a 64 bit application! This the first of my many commercial plugins to be released in 64 bit. Lens Corrector PRO is a powerful Photoshop plugin capable of correcting virtually […]
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Freeware Filters Updated

After thousands of requests and a significant overhaul, I’m pleased to announce the immediate availability of my freeware plugins for Adobe Photoshop, compiled and fully working in 64 bit. Additionally, there are many new, never before seen plugins available. Please feel free to check them out and most importantly, remember they are all FREE! You […]
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